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File ServersAt Avant Garde, we are computer solution providers. In effect we can supply anything to meet your specific computing needs and requirements. Choosing the correct server with the correct configuration based on your application and environment can be a challenge. Most businesses that employ, a few employees, can get by with simple desktop or laptop systems. But once the business takes off and has five or more employees, computing requirements can become complex very quickly. Remember Cheaper isn't necessarily better. In fact, any buying decision should not be based on cost alone but on a combination of factors such as number of employees, the application, amount of data, and maintenance and support requirements.

For file and communications servers involving fewer than 20 users, the X386-based systems are generally adequate. PC servers are usually single-or dual-processor 32-bit, 64-bit, DOS or UNIX machines with extra slots for additional LAN adapter boards, and sometimes an array of disk drives. If the network supports multiple departments and must handle more than 50 users at a time, then more powerful servers with upgradeable processors, Ram and hard disk space should be considered. Here are some questions you need to consider;

What other type of applications are you going to run on this file server?

  • Business critical software package
  • Accounting software package
  • Client database management (CRM) package
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Citrix or terminal services

What application will you use to run on this file server?

- Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008
- Red Hat Enterprise Linux
- SuSE Linux Enterprise Server

Do you want a tower, rack or blade server?

rack mount

Small Business servers - Perfect for small office applications, small to mid-sized databases or custom business solution. This solution provides performance & outstanding capacity

Medium Business servers - From basic file/print services to application server, database server, Web server, network infrastructure, remote/branch offices and/or ERP

Enterprise servers - This solution starts from high-end rack-mount to Blade servers. These servers are designed for High performance computing applications such as life and earth sciences, research, computer-aided drafting , engineering, Web-services serving, and high volume retail environments.

How many users will there be on your file server? users<picture of users>

  • 1 - 25 users
  • 25 - 75 users
  • 75 - 200+ users

Are you going to create or need road worriers? How will they share data or get their data back to the main office?


There are more servers in operation these days. We have access to the biggest inventory, and the latest technology of branded servers from IBM, HP/Compac, and Dell. File servers can help you manage files and printers, host your company mail, better secure your critical Data, and  offer a better network solutions to the users, and they do more for you than a standard desktop can. However, knowing that you need a server and actually getting the right one are two different matters. Avant Garde is here to help, we will work with you to assess your system needs, come up with a plan and help with its implementation. We welcome the opportunity to speak to you in detail about technology and potential solutions for your particular business challenges, Contact us.



Feature Product:

Kerio Connect is a comprehensive messaging and collaboration solution for small to medium organizations. Kerio Connect is the number one solution for cross-platform environments.

  • Cross Platform Collaboration
  • Wireless Mobile Synchronization
  • Robust Email Security
  • Email Archiving
  • Automated Backup